Steel Scrap Recycling in Houston

Steel Scrap Recycling in HoustonSteel is essential for a variety of industries; from automobiles to pressure vessels, steel makes industry and manufacturing possible. Like all natural resources though, steel is finite in quantity. Therefore, it is essential that we recycle steel scrap so that it can be reused as opposed to tapping into our dwindling supply of resources. But how exactly does one begin steel scrap recycling in Houston? Gulf Coast Scrap Metal is here to help!

Steel Scrap Recycling in Houston for Businesses

If you are a business that works directly with steel, you are in an excellent position to contribute to Houston steel recycling initiatives. Many companies that work in the construction, demolition, electrical remodeling, and fabrication industries are left to deal with excess steel scraps that can not be easily reused. Instead of paying a service to remove this scrap, you can simply sell it to a metal recycling or processing service. A quality recycler or scrap buyer will not only compensate you fairly for your scrap steel, but they will also physically pick it up from your jobsite free of charge.

On the other hand, if your company requires steel to function, you can choose to save money by purchasing recycled steel. Chances are, you already buy recycled without even knowing it! The majority of American steel is recycled; steel is actually recycled more than paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic combined.

Steel Scrap Recycling for Individuals

You can still recycle metal even if you are an individual that does not have constant access to scrap steel. One of the best ways to start scrap steel recycling is to contact local businesses that do have a significant amount of scrap metal lying around. Many companies will gladly pay you to simply pick up their “junk”, especially if you offer your services at a lower rate than other trash pick up services. Then you can simply make your way to the recycling center and sell the scrap, thereby making money twice during the same metal.

Collecting scrap on a smaller scale is a less labor-intensive approach to steel recycling. Many steel products, such as steel aerosol cans and used oil filters, can be collected, cleaned, and sold for recycling.

Steel Recycling and the Environment

Whatever your approach, scrap steel recycling is good for your wallet as well as for the environment. Recycling scrap metal is more cost-efficient than excavating and forming new steel: it requires less energy and therefore less money to melt steel down and reform it than it does to make it from virgin ore.

If you live in the Houston area and want the most cash for your steel scrap, come on down to Gulf Coast Scrap Metal! Not only do we offer you the best prices in town, but we also pick up your scrap from your jobsite and provide you with wire stripping and alloy testing services completely free of charge. Call 713-868-4111 to get an updated pricing list.

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